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"Exciting play money with a variety of your favorite characters"

1 DOS : 3.600 pcs
1 DOS : 12 pack
1 PACK : 300 pcs

Kemasan Foil


17,3 cm x 8 cm




: 5,85 Kg / Pack
: 60 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Training children to count and imagine how to make transactions using the "Money Toys" play money media produced by DG Toys. Having the same dimensions as Rupiah currency, it is very suitable for use as a teaching aid for learning and playing with friends or family.

"Money Toys" are very safe for children to play with because they are made from paper and when in contact with water, the color printing of the toy money does not easily fade and dirty children's hands. It has an attractive design because the color of each denomination of play money is the same as the color of Rupiah money, but as a differentiator there are various interesting characters in the appearance of the play money.

​Various variants of interesting and funny DG Mascot images are presented as educational children's toys that are suitable as collectible toys.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants

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