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"Plate creations with cute characters"

1 DOS : 320 pcs
1 DOS : 8 pack
1 PACK : 40 pcs

Box Packaging


12,7 cm x 17,5 cm x 1,3 cm




: 1,5 Kg / Pack
: 12.85 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Sharpen children's brain intelligence with the "Creative Plate" toy produced by DG Toys. Educational children's toys at affordable prices in the form of creations of sticking characters to plate-shaped sticky media with various animal shapes and faces that are cute and fun to play with.

Toys that are easy enough for children to play, namely by sticking and characters to the plate and forming a whole animal character.

Has a variety of cute and funny animal characters, and can be a fun collection toy to play with the family.


Product Specification

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