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"Play Tic Tac with your favorite characters"

1 DOS : 1.152 pcs
1 DOS : 8 pack
1 PACK : 144 pcs

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11,3 cm x 20 cm




: 4,21 Kg / Pack
: 33,64 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Sharpen children's thinking skills through the game "Tic Tac Battle Character" from DG Toys. The "Tic Tac" type game is a fun strategy toy to play with family and friends.

How to play it is quite easy, just by placing the pieces on the board alternately, whoever succeeds in arranging the pieces in one row vertically/diagonally/horizontally will win this game.

The "Tic Tac Battle Character" toy from DG Toys has various variants of popular children's favorite characters in piece designs, as well as game boards.


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