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"Sticking with imagination fun"

1 DOS : 3.600 pcs
1 DOS : 9 pack
1 PACK : 400 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


15,7 cm x 25,9 cm



: 6,55 Kg / Pack
: 60,4 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Train children's motor skills through the educational toy "Fancy Theme Sticker" produced by DG Toys which is fun and affordable and suitable for family play. Toy products in the form of stickers with pictures of favorite fancy characters favored by children with activities to write children's activity schedules on the back of the picture background.

The way to play is quite easy for children to play, namely sticking one by one sticker pictures of characters and supporting stickers according to the pattern / sign on the background image. On the back of the background image can be a medium for writing a schedule of children's daily activities using stationery such as markers or ballpoints to train children's discipline.

Fancy Theme Sticker paper toys come with a variety of interesting characters such as Barbie, Ultraman, and LOL.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants