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"It's fun sticking rugos stickers"

1 DOS : 4.200 pcs
1 DOS : 28 pack
1 PACK : 150 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


13,2 cm x 17 cm



: 1,05 Kg / Pack
: 31 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Train children's motor skills with the "Funny Sticker Rugos" toy from DG Toys. Rugos stickers themselves are "nostalgic" toys that have been transformed into contemporary toys that are fun and affordable for children to play with.

Playing it is quite easy, namely by sticking and rubbing the surface of the sticker with the abrasive tool that is in the product packaging until the sticker sticks to the surface of the object, then remove the plastic wrapper on the sticker and the result is that the sticker sticks to the sticky area.

Recommendations for parents are the right choice of toys for children to play with as well as fun accessories to beautify children's books and reading materials. "Funny Rugos Sticker" comes with various variants of cute and beautiful characters such as Barbie, Frozen, Hello Kitty, and other variants which are suitable as toys to decorate children's things at home.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants