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"Contemporary comics with a variety of images and exciting storylines"

1 DOS : 4.500 pcs
1 DOS : 18 pack
1 PACK : 250 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


10,5 cm x 15,6 cm



: 3,69 Kg / Pack
: 67,9 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Train children's imagination through innovative reading books at affordable prices and fun, namely "Trendy Comics" produced by DG Toys. Small-sized children's reading material in the form of comics with interesting pictures and children's favorite characters.

In one product package, "Komik Trendy" consists of one reading comic containing 12 pages in one story, where the pictures and storyline are adapted to children's readers. Various variants of story titles and funny characters such as Tayo, LOL, Ultraman and many other popular characters that children love and are suitable for reading material at home every day.

"Trendy Comics" from DG Toys can also be a medium for children to learn various things in each reading topic read by creating a play and learning situation.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants