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"Writing exciting with loose leaf pictures of your favorite character"

1 DOS : 1200 pcs
1 DOS : 12 pack
1 PACK : 100 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


15,9 cm x 20,8 cm



: 4,63 Kg / Pack
: 57 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Educate children about the importance of writing and recording a message through the product “Loose Leaf Completed” from DG Toys. It is a stationary product with a variety of pictures as well as a funny and cute children's favorite character character in the form of notes containing binder paper. There are holes in the side of the paper to insert into the binder to look more neat and orderly. In a single package of "Loose Leaf Completed" consists of: one stationary note containing binder, each stationary content binder consisting of 20 sheets of paper pictured back and forth.

The stationary “Loose Leaf Folding” product is made of paper with a non-fading color printing machine as a safety test standard for use by children. The way to use a binder content note is quite simple, by scratching/writing a typewriter (pencil, ballpoin, or color spidol) onto a striped paper surface to use as a typewing medium. Once finished, the binder paper can be stored on a binder of the same size.

A variety of interesting and funny character variants on the cover and memo content that children love like the character Aikatsu, Sofia the First, Miss World, as well as many other variants.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants