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DG Toys has been around since 2007, as a solution in producing children's toy products in the category of paper toys, fancy paper and stationary , which are fun to play , with the best design, best quality and following the growing trend. . The solutions provided cannot be separated from children's needs for toys at affordable prices amidst the emergence of various brands and products from abroad with high enough prices, thus limiting children in channeling their needs in playing.

In creating toy products, DG Toys carries the concept of toy products that are easy to play , with varied and varied designs, so that the products produced can meet the needs of children at a more affordable price (best price) , but still with the best quality ( best quality) . In addition, the designs of DG Toys products are always  up-to-date,  with innovative creations, and of course children can meet the needs of playing, as well as an educational medium of learning in line with children's development.


To become a leading producer of children's toy products, in the category of paper toys, facy paper and stationary .

  1. Creating product creations that are easy to play (easy-to-play), fun to play ( fun to play ) and provide education and learning ( educative )

  2. Produce products with innovative, varied, creative product designs and up-to-date product designs following the trend of the times ( best design ).

  3. Producing the highest quality products at affordable prices. ( best quality, best price ).

  4. Adapting ICT ( Information Communication Technology ) and continuously to continue to develop business processes.

  5. Develop a product marketing network ( supply chain ) by improving professional and integrated CRM (customer relationship management) services.


DG Toys has a complete and experienced team according to their respective fields, in the integration of the entire work process,  from upstream to downstream in the form of:

  • Product Development and Innovation Team

  • Creative team

  • Graphic Design Team

  • Print Production Team

  • Marketing Team

  • Finance Team

  • Team of consultants and experts

  • Distribution and Logistics Team

Our team is never tired of continuously innovating and creating products, adapting to the changing trends of the times, which in turn can meet market needs.

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Our ability to produce innovative products is supported by production facilities and equipment that suit your needs. We have connectivity of 3 location facilities consisting of:

  • Management Office

  • Creative Team Studio

  • Photo and Video Studio 

  • Print production facility

  • Warehouse Facilities

  • Distribution Logistics 

It is a positive challenge for us to continue to update production facilities and equipment so that we can produce quality products that meet the needs of market trends.

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