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"Two exciting game activities in one package"

1 DOS : 1.680 pcs
1 DOS : 14 pack
1 PACK : 120 pcs

Foil Packaging


13,4 cm x 21 cm




: 2,46 Kg / Pack
: 35 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Train children's creative thinking by providing educational toys "2 IN 1 Playpack Activity" produced by DG Toys. Fun to Play educational paper toys to play with the family by having two different toy attributes in one product packaging. There are two toy attributes including a magazine with various game activities and a puzzle sticker.

How to play "2 IN 1 Playpack Activity" is quite easy to play, namely:

1. Magazine games include,

Guess the Picture: Find the difference between 2 or more pictures, then mark a circle on the picture using a writing tool.

Guess the word: Look for the equivalent word that matches the instructions given, then circle the answer using a writing tool.

Labyrinth: Looking for a way to a certain goal by making lines with a writing tool.

2. Disassembling and disassembling fashion game: Putting the pieces of clothing you like on the female character until they fit perfectly.

In one "2 IN 1 Playpack Activity" packaging there is one activity magazine, one puzzle sticker, and one disassembled toy ready to be played.

Various product variants and interesting "2 IN 1 Playpack Activity" characters are available, such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Princess, Frozen, and other characters which are suitable as a medium for learning and playing with family and friends.


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