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A unique way to color cute characters by rubbing foil

1 DOS : 2.880 pcs
1 DOS : 12 pack
1 PACK : 240 pcs

Kemasan Foil


12,1 cm x 19 cm




: 2,56 Kg / Pack
: 32,2 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Increase children's creativity in understanding shapes and colors through unique and exciting coloring activities by playing "Foil Art" produced by DG Toys. Paper toy product consisting of one sheet of sticker paper with a picture, 6 sheets of colored foil, and a stick for rubbing.

The "Foil Art" product is quite easy to play, namely by removing the sticker paper one by one on the sheet with the image according to the shape of the character. Glue the foil to the picture paper according to the color specified in the installation example, then rub and remove it slowly until the foil sticks to the picture sheet. Apply colored foil to each part of the character image until everything is full of color.

Various variants of interesting and funny pictures are presented as educational children's toys to be played alone or with family as well as collectible toys.


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