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"Assemble Your Favorite Dinosaur"

1 DOS : 2.280 pcs
1 DOS : 19 pack
1 PACK : 120 pcs

Foil Packaging


12,4 cm x 19 cm




: 2 Kg / Pack
: 38,5 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Explore the world of dinosaurs with this kids' puzzle-assembling toy! Assemble and assemble dino puzzles that are not only fun to play but can also be collected. Each toy is equipped with two knowledge cards about dinos to enrich your little one's knowledge. Give your child a fun and imaginative learning experience.

How to play is easy, take a sheet with a large round picture which is the dino's body, remove all the puzzle parts, remove the stickers on the body and stick on the head and tail then fold the body in half, and add the dino's legs and arms.


Product Specification

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