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"The fun of playing cards with a variety of cool and funny characters"

1 DOS : 3.456 pcs
1 DOS : 48 pack
1 PACK : 72 pcs

Foil Packaging


6,2 cm x 11,1 cm




: 0,96 Kg / Pack
: 47,4 Kg / Dos

Product Description

A paper card toy that is safe to play with contemporary character designs and an affordable price is the "Trading Card-Foil Card" product produced by DG Toys. There are 10 picture cards with different variants in each pack that can be used as collectible toys. In the character image section there are several game supporting attributes such as symbols and numbers (battle points) on each card.

A card game that is "easy to play", by showing the selected cards simultaneously. The winning player will get the losing opponent's card, based on the attribute of the strongest card or the largest number.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants

Product Variants