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"A unique way to color by sticking sand on the picture"

1 DOS : 2.880 pcs
1 DOS : 12 pack
1 PACK : 240 pcs

Foil Packaging


11,3 cm x 20 cm




: 3,11 Kg / Pack
: 38,8 Kg / Dos

Product Description

Inviting children to play with exciting toy products at affordable prices produced by DG Toys through the "Sand Art" product. Paper toys with unique coloring activities using colored sand.

Playing "Sand Art" is quite easy for children to play, namely by removing the surface of the sticker paper according to the shape of the character, then pour colored sand little by little on the surface of the picture sticker and use a wooden stick to spread the colored sand evenly until all parts of the character image covered in colored sand. Avoid mixing colored sand when coloring because it will make the coloring results less good.

Various variants of interesting and funny images such as Animal characters, Fruits, and many other variants that are suitable for playing as educational toys or collectible toys.


Product Specification

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