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" Create a fashion style on your favorite character "

1 DOS : 4.800 pcs
1 DOS : 16 pack
1 PACK : 300 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


6,9 cm x 11,5 cm



: 3,00 Kg / Pack
: 49,5 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Teaching children to be creative from an early age in terms of matching clothing shapes through the game "Bongkar Pasang Buku" produced by DG Toys. In the form of unloading toy sheets made of thick cardboard paper that is safe for children to play with, packed into a small-sized book and can be disassembled into several characters with various attractive outfits. Each package of "Bongkar Pasang Buku" contains 1 cover and 4 sheets of disassembly consisting of 2 character variants and 2 sheets of clothing variants.

Fun to Play toys, with a fairly easy way to play, namely by arranging and assembling and combining clothes with favorite characters to form a whole character with the aim of honing creativity.

Not only used as a child's toy, "Bongkar Pasang Buku" can also be a collection toy because it has a variant of popular characters such as BT21, Shimmer and Shine, Barbie, and many other characters that are favored by girls. It has a variety of outfits to hone children's dress sense and shape and color recognition media.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants