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"Fun writing with cute notebooks"

1 DOS : 576 pcs
1 DOS : 24 pack
1 PACK : 24 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


15,5 cm x 20,7 cm



: 1,42 Kg / Pack
: 35,5 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Teaching children how to write, draw and take notes from an early age through DG Toys' "Notebook" product. It is a stationary product in the form of a lined notebook with various pictures and cute and funny characters on the cover that are favored by children. Notebook products from DG Toys are intended for school children as a tool for taking notes and children who are starting to recognize letters and numbers as a medium for learning to write & draw.

Stationary products "Notebook" are made of paper with color printing machines that are not easy to fade as a safe test standard for children to use. How to use the notebook is quite easy, namely by scratching / writing stationery (pencils, ballpoints, color markers, or crayons) to the surface of the lined paper.

There are various variants of interesting and funny characters on the cover of the notebook that children love such as Strawberry Shortcake, Minmie, Naruto, and many other variants.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants