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" Coloring education series with DRAGO and GRACIA "

1 DOS : 432 pcs
1 DOS : 9 pack
1 PACK : 48 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


17 cm x 19 cm



: 1 Kg / Pack
: 9 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Increase the level of children's creativity through exciting coloring activities at affordable prices and Fun to Play, through DG Toys "Happy Colouring with Crayon" products. Stationary products with fun coloring activities in the form of tote bag-shaped books/magazines with a variety of funny and cute DG Toys mascot characters. In one package "Happy Coloring with Crayon" consists of a cover / cover and 12 pages of content in the form of black and white illustrated paper and 3 crayons.

Stationary products "Happy Colouring with Crayon" are made of paper with color printing machines that do not fade easily as a standard test for safe use by children. How to play it is quite easy, namely by scratching stationery (pencils, ballpoints, color markers, or crayons) to the surface of the paper according to the shape of the character image in the book until all parts of the image are covered with color. There are examples of character drawings that have been given color located on page one and the last page of "Happy Colouring with Crayon".

Various variants of interesting images are presented in the "Happy Coloring with Crayon" product, such as Dinosaur, Animal Pet, Flower, and many other variants that are suitable to be played as educational toys and collectibles.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants