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"Comic reading innovation using 3D glasses"

1 DOS : 1.400 pcs
1 DOS : 14 pack
1 PACK : 100 pcs

Foil & Box Packaging


15,4 cm x 19,3 cm



: 2,96 Kg / Pack
: 43 Kg / Dos


Product Description

Develop children's imagination through unique, innovative, and exciting reading books, with the BT21 character theme from DG Toys' product "3-Dimensional Comic - BT21". How to read comics is easy, which is enough to use 3D glasses with red and blue lenses available on the packaging, after that read and see the changes in the image on the comic that appears to have a 3-dimensional object.

Various variants of story titles and funny characters typical of BT21 such as Cooky, Tata, Mang, Van, Shooky, Chimmy, RJ, and Koya are favored by children and are suitable for reading material at home every day.

"3-Dimensional Comic - BT21" from DG Toys can also be a medium for children to learn various things in each reading topic read by creating a play and learning situation.


Product Specification

Foil Packaging Variants